Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vankleek Hill Festival of Flavours

Vankleek Hill is apparently the Ginger House capital of  Ontario,Canada but before I digress as I'm apt to do, we'll leave that to the home and garden bloggers. However, I couldn't resist some of the eye catching murals on the buildings.  The purpose of our recent visit to this charming small Ontario town, about an hour out of Montreal, was to attend the town's Festival of Flavours this past Sunday.  When I heard that there would be a table stretching the length of  Main street, set up to accommodate the hungry festival goers, I was in to check it out. Well the table was as impressive as it sounded, measuring a whopping 320 feet. Plenty of room for visitors to sit after making their choice from over the 50 booths offering a variety of foods and other assorted wares.

That Famous 320-Foot table:
Some of the Food and Smiling Faces at the Festival


Guess Who Made An Unexpected Appearance?  Boy, He Sure Travels......a lot!
Nope, he's not the real Buddy Holly but he did a pretty good rendition of "Hey,Hey Betty Sue" and he's for hire for party events

 Can't very well have a country festival without a bit of Western, but then again, what do I know I'm just a city slicker. 
Now how could I not resist taking pictures of these buildings. What do you think?
An overview of Main Street and the Vankleek Festival of Flavours.....such a great turnout on a bright sunny Sunday!


  1. Wow,what an event...That table alone is something to talk about :0

  2. When I heard about the table,I had to check it out and also couldn't lose out on a drive out to the country on a lovely Sunday.