Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free-Form Blueberry Pie

Literally, this recipe is "as easy as pie" to make. The pie crust dough is one of Laura Calder's recipes, which can be found on the Food Network site. Once you have mastered the dough recipe, which by the way is super easy; all you have to do is add your favorite fresh fruit, some sugar, a drop of lemon juice and some cornstarch to produce a tasty dessert.


  1. Remember when I was all eager McGee about baking...saying stuff like, "I'm gonna perfect my pie-making skills this year! Ya!" and you got me that cookbook "Tarts and Tortes" for Christmas? I think I've made, like, ONE recipe from it because me and pie dough...we don't get along. Sweet...savory...they all hate me. What's the secret to a bang-on pâte brisée, dough whisperer?


  2. Giulietta,
    I think we have found the right recipe for you. By the way it was Monday, wasn't it?

  3. I don't remember. Sounds about right, though? When you gonna make duck confit? PLLLEEEAASSE? Teach me!


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