Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Friends, Good Times, and Plenty of Good Food in Montreal

In  the center, my homemade mango coconut cake with lime curd. On either side ' tarte au citron'  and  'tarte aux pacanes' from two of our well known Montreal bakeries, Au Pain Doré and Prémier Moissan
Willie Nelson's lyrics, "On the Road Again" keep playing in my head as I try to sneak one last post before our move back to our place. I've missed my kitchen, as well as our beautiful view of the city that I love so much.  However I can't say I'm looking forward to the packing and unpacking involved. Funny how life works out, My friend's visit is also coming to an end as I'm about to head back to our own homestead. A Montreal hometown girl, she is heading back to the States following a whirlwind visit where we shared each other's company and indulged in good food and of course, good wine. After all, what else is to be expected when in Montreal, known for it's great food and joie de vivre!  Therefore if I may, instead of posting a recipe, I would like to share some of the photos taken by my friend Marilyn.

Just in case you don't hear from me in the next while, I will be thinking of you all.  I will take some much needed time to get things organized and sneak in some relaxation. I do hope that in my absence you continue to drop in, and delve into my blog's recipe archives. Until then, I bid you a brief  adieu.

 Marilyn's pics:

There is no better way  to enjoy the view and the company of old friends than on a terrace enjoying a 5 à 7 which is a Montreal tradition.

View from the terrace at l'Auberge du Vieux Port...Yup the circus is in town, that is Le Cirque de Soleil under the blue and yellow top.

Looking east, the Jacques Cartier Bridge and to the left the two story Bonsecours Market with its dome

More scenes taken in Old Montreal
The St. James Hotel an exclusive small boutique hotel favoured by the jet set during the Grand Prix and celebrities visiting our fair city

 Interior of the Royal Bank on Notre Dame St.

Fountain inside the Atrium at Montreal's World Trade Center

And no visit would be complete without a detour to Schwartz's Smoked Meat on rue St Laurent. Former Montrealers have been known to have the stuff shipped out of the province so they can they can get their fix of the world's best smoked meat. It's so legendary that a musical  play of the same name has played to sold out performances in Montreal

 Finally last but not least some of the dishes to celebrate good friendship....
 Roasted red peppers, made by my friend Ann. Recipe from an older post.
 Nibbles: olives, lupini beans and assorted breads
Homemade pizza with anchovies
Linguini with fresh tomatoes, spinach and fresh artisan  ricotta added at the end.

Shrimps with garlic, parsley and chili flakes


  1. lovely photos and very good food Anna ! Hugs....

  2. wat a fantastic all d clicks..
    you are welcome in my space..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  3. What a wonderful reunion we had! There was great conversation, lots of laughing, a tour of old Montreal, a veritable food fest of recipes from your blog along with the requisite 5 à 7's truly made for a memorable mini-vacation in our own city...and summer has just begun.

  4. wow how yummy! Roasted peppers look really great to me.

  5. Enjoy your time away. We will be here when you return.


  6. the pictures are lovely! and the food is mouth-watering!

  7. Just take your time doing what you have to, Anna...we'll just be here, waiting for your next post.
    Btw, very nice pictures...and scrumptious food too!

  8. From your food, your photography, to your love of people, there is always so much passion in your blog posts.

    Anna you are amazing!

  9. Back in Virginia again, the wonderful memories of good times with best friends and the best ever food, will have to sustain me until the next time. Hope it will be very soon 


  10. What a wonderful time with friends! Wishing you a relaxing and fun break...hugs :)

  11. I imagine by now, you're back in your fabulous loft, and all the work is done. Judging from the
    terrace overlooking at the beautiful scenery, must be from your loft.
    All the foods look so amazing, and loving all the fabulous foods you've enjoyed with friends!
    Happy Canadian Birthday, Anna!

  12. I haven't been to Montreal since I was a teen and we would drive from NYC for family vacations. I must go back as an adult! Best of luck with the packing... and unpacking. Put on some cool music and dance.

  13. Montreal is one of my favourite cities to visit. I usually go 4-5 times per year. The culture, food, and general night life of the city is what keeps me coming back. La Belle Provence indeed!

  14. Hi Anna

    didn know you were facing a movement...i'm settled in this beautiful house by the beach and i only hope the Indian climate would've been better...but next year they may move us to another city....hoho i cant believe it myself..

    we wait for you here...each one of us!

    the first of the pics is stunning!

  15. I love your city Anna! Your pics make me want to visit again soon!

  16. how have you been? some time since we heard from you!

  17. Hi Anna

    you've been missing for too long. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    hope all well your end!

  18. Ana cómo has estado?? se te hecha de menos en la blogósfera de cocina,cómo está su salud? espero estés bien de salud y al mismo tiempo desearte un buen año 2012 lleno de bendiciones,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  19. What a wonderful pis......looks awesome........