Monday, February 7, 2011

What a great way to begin the week, finding out that the photo submitted to the Community site of the Food Network Canada garnered  Pic of the Week, thanks Val!

(Excerpt from Food Network Community blog site:)

Pic of the Week: Chocolate Banana Cake

I'm actually pretty upset with this photo because I never got an invitation to try a piece of Chocolate Banana Cake. Are you feeling the same way? decided to alter her Banana Cake with Chantilly Frosting recipe by adding Dutch dark cocoa and white Belgian chocolate bits. That is one positive change (I'm a chocolate gal all the way!) Anna got Inspired by Valentine's Day - which is just over a week away - to make something sweet and chocolaty. I hope others will be motivated to do the same. I know I'll be in a baking frenzy next week, how about you?"


  1. Congratulations! And well-earned.

  2. Congratulations dear !A warm hug..

  3. That's so neat! What a thrill for you!!

  4. congratulations!that pic deserved to be the pic of the week. that cake looks so soft and moist!