Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Recipe to Riches"........a Chance to Win $25,000 and appear on Television!!!!

I received this wonderful offer from Erin Lau of the Food Network Canada Television channel, and had to share this once in a lifetime opportunity! For all of you wanna be television stars out there, here is your chance to fulfill your dream, and win some money in the process!  So register soon  for your chance to win.
Below is an excerpt of the e mail I received:

"My name is Erin Lau and I am the Outreach Coordinator for the national food show Recipe to Riches. It's a new Canadian food series that will air on Food Network Canada and Global Television this fall. I'm writing because I'm wondering if you and the readers of Anna's Table would be interested in participating in our show--your chocolate cherry cake looked so divine! We will be in Montreal for an open casting call on Saturday, February 19 at the Hyatt Regency.

Below is a little bit more information about our show. I highly encourage you to pre-register.

Recipe to Riches is looking for Canadians with great recipes and stories. The show will be hosted by Ottawa native, Jesse Palmer, former star of The Bachelor and football analyst for ESPN/ABC in the U.S. and TSN in Canada. Open casting calls will take place in four cities across Canada, and Canadians have the option of entering their recipe in one of seven categories: appetizers, sweet and savoury snacks, cakes, sweet pies, savoury pies, entrees, and frozen treats.

The recipes will be judged on presentation, taste, originality and the story behind the dish.

Each category will have a winner who will receive a $25,000 cash prize and the chance to have their recipe developed into a President’s Choice® branded product available in select Loblaw grocery stores across the country. The finalists of the seven categories will then have the chance at the grand prize of $250,000. This is the largest cash prize in Canadian reality television history!

Our team is looking for amazing Montreal dishes to add to our search for Canada's best recipe. We will be at the Hyatt Regency on Saturday, February 19.
To register for your audition, please visit
Highlights of our Halifax and Vancouver open call can be found on our Facebook page at"


  1. what a wonderful opportunity, congratulations!
    Good luck dear.....A warm hug...

  2. You should try out for the opportunity!

  3. Anna! what the hell?!?!?! I hope you're going to this!!!

  4. Ohhh you should do it. Iti s a great opporutnity and I think you could do it.

  5. Best of luck, Anna! You can do this!

  6. Good luck Anna - you're gonna be a Superstah!!

  7. Oh wow Anna, fun and exciting! You can do it :) Have fun and best wishes!

  8. Anna-this is such a great opportunity-Go for it!
    You can become a winner. Wish you, all the luck!

  9. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to write in with your kind support. How could I bail out after all this encouragement. Check for my update on the whole experience. Hugs to everyone!!!!