Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hi everyone,
This is not a new recipe post, but rather a plea for patience and understanding as I attempt to work out the glitches on my blog site. I swear that if there is any truth to reincarnation, I will request to come back as a computer geek and (though unrelated) with a fabulous singing voice. To get back to my computer woes, I was in a total panic this morning; when either through a will of its own,(much like the car Christine in that movie, or through Google's unwanted divine intervention of modifying its templates, or my own unbridled enthusiasm to push another button,(like Alice in Wonderland), my blog template was changed in shape and size. So the adventurous but naive me, decided to enter deeper into the virtual labyrinth of the computer world and rectify the situation; only to find myself in a new realm, beyond my control. Similar to a good Star Wars movie, you lose some warriors along the way as did I. My Followers were annihilated as was my intro to the blog. Even the ads, my new e-store and my fish bit the dust. I am in total mourning, but through my grief will find the courage or the idiocy to go where no computer illiterate dare to go and attempt to avenge their demise. So please continue to log on to see where this unwanted adventure transports me to next. Unfortunately, there appears to be no instant solution; no ruby slippers to take me home to Kansas, at least for now.

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